Breasts are in both terms appearance and aesthetics important for a womans health. Especially after pregnancy and childbirth growth in the breast are monitored. At some patients the breast size is getting smaller and sagging is seen.

Large breasts and sagging can lead to various problems for the patient. Back and neck pain, fungal
infection and rash, unable to find suitable clothes, wounds at the shoulder area where the bra straps are fixed. These conditions also leads to conditions such as the desire to hide the breasts. This is leading sometimes to pins-and-needles sensation in the arms and neck and herniated disc. So in some cases patients has to undergo a herniated disk surgery. With a breast reduction surgery all these problems can be solved and also be avoided.

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

This operation can be applied to all patients with to much breast size and who are distressed from
this size.
It can be done after the age of 18. However, our patient group is usually between 30-40 years old.
This operation will not affect you to in getting pregnant and also there will be no inconvenience
for breast fed. Sometimes a lost of 20% at the breast fed can be seen.
Yes, you must get general anesthesia. This operation can not be done under local anesthesia.
The operation takes about 2 hours. A stay of 1 night in the hospital is enough.
With anesthetizing the nerves between the ribs during the operation any pain will be avoided.
You can return to work 3-5 days after the operation.
We give you a special bra after the surgery. You will use it for 15 days. 15 days after that you
change them with sports bra. And after again 15 days you can start to use a normal bra again. I do
not recommend heavy sports for a period of 10 days. Afterwards you can return to your daily life.
A small scar extends from the nipple downwards. In very large breasts the scar can be in the form
of an inverted T. After the first 6 months the small and thin scar will leave a redness and after that it will adopt with the skin colour and disappear with time.
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